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At the Anchor Institute, we believe in enabling everyday people to influence the way their city works. We help you make your city a great place to be.

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The Anchor Institute

The Anchor Institute (AnIn) is a community research organization based in Columbia, South Carolina. The first of its kind, AnIn focuses its research initiatives on regional planning theory and policy, specifically economic competitiveness, social equality, connectivity, and quality of life.

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about our founder, Tia Williams
  • Tia is a masterful planner and strategic thinking. She is very good at taking multiple inputs into consideration, working those into a cohesive planning process and putting forth an excellent path forward. This skill set made her one of the very best in the SERVPRO system at planning, executing and managing sales & marketing efforts. This required the ability to think like several different stakeholders, adapt and organize creative solutions and motivate a team of people to create success. It was a pleasure to work with Tia as a leader in this role as she always brought an energetic and positive attitude and I personally felt that I learned something new or got a new perspective each time I had the pleasure of collaborating.
    Chris LayfieldMarketing & Advertising Manager, Servpro Industries, Inc.
  • Tia possesses an energy level and drive that will be legendary in our office well beyond her departure. In her time with OED this year she has had a hand in many projects, the largest of which was feasibility analysis for a business incubator focused on the wood products industry. Her strengths in applied research and her particular grasp of the economic development field make her a valuable addition to any organization.
    John A ProvoDirector, Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development