If you planned a city from scratch, what would you include?

Beyond the temptation to play SimCity in real life, we have to wonder what the average person would do if given the opportunity to design his or her ideal home community. Our guess is most people want reliable infrastructure, non-polluted air, and inviting and safe public amenities.

But if it were that simple, why wouldn’t all communities mirror these human sentiments?

Because communities are complex, constantly juggling market-driven demands as well as public responsibility. All on a budget that can thrive or dwindle to nothing with any given economic climate.

In order to get ahead of the curve, communities invest time and energy into comprehensive planning to best utilize local assets and prepare for future uncertainties. According to Irene Dumas Tyson, Director of Planning at Columbia based Boudreaux,

“Two things.. are most important for a successful plan. The first is engagement of the public, really from day one. And then, Leadership.”

Hailing from Mississippi, Tyson’s solutions blend architectural insight, planning expertise, and an eye for the future. We asked her a couple questions to help our listeners understand what ‘planning’ looks like in real life:

  • What is the typical planning process and who are the players?
  • What are some examples of effective community plans? How did they get there?
  • How important is citizen input in successful city and regional planning?

Now we want to hear from you– what makes a ‘well-planned’ city? Is your home one of those? Help us identify our next podcast episode in the comment section below!

How to Plan a City: Listen to the full episode here

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