How Women’s Empowerment Makes an Equitable World

sarah gammage how to make a city

According to Dr. Sarah Gammage, Director of Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods/ Chief Research Officer at theInternational Center for Research on Women (ICRW), women’s economic empowerment is a global catalyst for economic vitality and social wellbeing for countries worldwide. Gammage has over 25 years experience as a researcher and economist, specializing in the care economy, time use and time burdens and intra-household processes. She tells captivating stories of real life women around the world, sheds light on the socioeconomic effects of the international garment industry, and provides hope and advice for ongoing global initiatives for a more equitable world.

Dr. Gammage encourages listeners to utilize a wide variety of publications and news sources, as well as follow social movements like #MeToo to better understand the issues affecting women and families worldwide. To go even deeper on these issues, she recommends exploring some of these resources:


Special note: Thank you to CARE for the photo contribution. CARE assists girls like Priyanka, pictured, and their families with resources to delay marriage through teenage years for more time in school. Priyanka is president of a CARE-sponsored girls’ leadership club and has great aspirations for her future.

CARE has recently begun a campaign called #thisisnotworking to raise awareness about unsafe working conditions and harassment that women face around the world. If you care to sign a petition to support the International Labor Organization’s convention and recommendation to end workforce violence for women, you can do so here.

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