Anchor Institute to Collaborate with MidlandsBiz CEO for Creative Partnership

Alan Cooper, CEO of three popular business news outlets– MidlandsBiz, UpstateBiz, and LowcountryBiz— announced a strategic collaboration with Midlands Anchor and The Anchor Institute on Mike Switzer’s South Carolina Business Review on Monday. While noting that Columbia, South Carolina is the number two city in the United States for incoming millennials, Cooper emphasized that community development and livability are important factors for regional economic vitality. A similar sentiment we shared in last week’s “How Young Professionals Make a City” podcast episode.

Understanding how closely aligned economic development and business are to the other areas of city health and competitiveness, Cooper explained that the two news organizations (and their audiences) can greatly benefit from shared content. He adds:

“We really share the same kind of passions for growing communities– how do you make a community a great place? how do you keep people, attract and retain talent?”

With a regional advisory board and over eighteen years of collective media experience, as well as Williams’ higher level education in Urban and Regional Planning, Alan Cooper and Tia Williams have ample opportunity to become leaders in the most challenging and relevant areas community reporting.

You can listen to the SC Business Review interview here:

More on this exciting collaboration coming soon.


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